wright out there photography - Albert and Eleanor Wright… two passionate birdo’s who are fortunate enough to both have the same enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors.

In 2007 we sold up and commenced full time travel within Australia under the name of "Gypsy Twitchers", hence the 'Gypsy' part of our trademark. Of course the 'Twitchers' part refers to birdwatchers of the obsessive variety who travel long distances to tick off a new or rare bird to increase their life list. We steadily increased our Australian Bird List (currently standing at 734) and at the same time captured numerous images of landscape and wildlife (in particular the feathered variety) in Australia and overseas.

We now have an Australian home base and our travels are no longer full time; therefore the 'Gypsy Twitchers' is no longer correct although we do still travel extensively both in Australia and abroad. 

Our new brand name "wright out there photography" better represents where we are at present.

Our images are for sale via this website or contact us directly.