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Flowerpeckers are stout birds, with short necks and legs. These are small birds ranging from the 10-cm, 5.7-gram Pygmy Flowerpecker to the 18-cm, 12-gram Mottled Flowerpecker. Flowerpeckers have short tails, short thick curved bills and tubular tongues. The latter features reflect the importance of nectar in the diet of many species. They also have digestive systems that have evolved to deal efficiently with mistletoe berries.[1] They are often dull in colour, although in several species the males have brightly patterned crimson or glossy-black plumage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Dicaeidae
Dicaeum cruentatum - Scarlet-backed FlowerpeckerDicaeum hirundinaceum - MistletoebirdDicaeum trigonostigma - Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerPrionochilus xanthopygius - Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker