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The quail-thrushes and jewel babblers are medium-sized songbirds, 17–28 cm in length.They have strong legs and bills. Males and females often differ in plumage markings. The quail-thrushes are largely brown above, the colour varying to provide camouflage against the soil, but are more boldly marked with black and white below. Jewel-babblers usually have extensive blue in their plumage. Most species have loud, distinctive songs.
Whipbirds and wedgebills are 19–31 cm long. They are mainly olive-green or brown in colour and have a crest.
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Cinclosoma castaneothorax - Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrushCinclosoma castanotum - Chestnut-backed Quail-thrushCinclosoma cinnamomeum - Cinnamon Quail-thrushCinclosoma marginatum - Western Quail-thrushPsophodes occidentalis - Chiming Wedgebill