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Most shrike species have a Eurasian and African distribution, with just two breeding in North America (the Loggerhead and Great Greyshrikes). There are no members of this family in South America or Australia, although one species reaches New Guinea. The shrikes vary in the extent of their ranges, with some species like the Great Grey Shrike ranging across the northern hemisphere to the Newton's Fiscalwhich is restricted to the island of São Tomé.
They inhabit open habitats, especially steppe and savannah. A few species of shrike are forest dwellers, seldom occurring in open habitats. Some species breed in northern latitudes during the summer, then migrate to warmer climes for the winter.
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Lanius collurioides - Burmese ShrikeLanius cristatus - Brown ShrikeLanius schach - Long-tailed ShrikeLanius tigrinus - Tiger Shrike